Being a Good Roommate & General Guidelines

General Roommate Guidelines

(the minimum you’ll need to know . . . or the minimum your roommates will WISH you knew)

When I sat down to write this post, I started to think of all the roommates I’ve had over the years not to mention Numerous places to live, where I have shared living space. Being 54 years old, I can tell you some stories pertaining to this subject, stretching from Michigan to California, and between. Though I should probably stick to the subject at hand. 😉

Knowing what it takes to be a good roommate is Very essential in your quest of finding roommates, or better yet, the right roommate. Now, I read a lot of articles and remember the ones that stick in my mind and pertain to what I’m thinking my self as well as offers good solid content. So I decided to present this article I found quite some time ago and felt it explains what I myself would suggest, for the most part. Give it a read! Thanks… and good luck!

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Everyone is different in terms of what they can/not tolerate in another person. Living with roommates is a good way to figure that out, possibly as a form of “training wheels” for more important relationships. (Or as a refresher course if you just left one.) If you can’t learn to make it work with a more casual roommate relationship, you’re pretty much doomed to mess it up when living with a long-term significant other-type partner . . . or doomed to look for new roommates an awful lot.

Be Specific about Your Desired Roommate Guidelines – A lot of folks looking for roommates in any roommate forum describe themselves as laid back, chilled, or easygoing, and looking for similar. However, your views on exactly what that constitutes are not shared by as large a percentage of the population as you probably imagine. Defined roommate guidelines (for more suggestions there, see our link on “preventing roommate conflict” above) lay the groundwork for a harmonious experience. Vague seems like the cool way to be in the beginning, but in the end usually just leads to massive roommate-related misunderstandings. Don’t be surprised if an expectation is not specifically met if you didn’t bother to specifically state it.

Now is Better Than Later – Best to go over these or any other specific household/roommate guidelines before the living situation starts, so expectations can be made known before anyone has to feel guilty or defensive afterwards for not having already done what they didn’t know in advance they were expected to do. But if ahead of time is no longer on the table, roommate guidelines as soon as possible are better than chaos.

Compromise – Know that it will be necessary, know it from Day One. Yes, you want things your way. Who doesn’t? But having things your way all the time would probably mean having your own residence. Perhaps your own building. Maybe even your own block. Reasonable people (or, shall we say, people that aren’t asked to move on a regular basis) usually have to consider the needs of other humans at least part of the time.

good roommateCommunicate with Your Roommate Using Your Nice Words – Do make your needs known, but do so as politely as possible. Make your own “roommate forum,” and make it a happy place. Don’t assume that your roommate knows what your needs are unless you tell them. Just because they seem to possess common sense in other areas doesn’t mean they do with whatever you have in mind. For many folks having a roommate is their first flail into an adult world without their Mommies and/or Daddies.

For others it might be their first experience in quite a while sharing a roof with another adult after the breakup of a long-term significant-other relationship. Or, they might have had roommate(s) in the recent past, but folks that were different than yourself. They might have ways of doing things that seem as fine to them as yours do to you. At any rate, if you don’t tell them, assume they don’t know. And assume if you don’t tell them using Nice Words, they’ll be less likely to want to comply with your needs.

Big Bad Words – Shouting, cursing, and just plain being mean won’t get you anywhere either, because they’re likely to escalate rather than resolve a situation. Sure, it might be nice to blow off steam, but behaving badly will just cause more “steam” to develop rather than resolving the situation so all roommates involved can get on with their lives already. If there’s a broach of what you feel were stated/or should be acceptable roommate guidelines, you may feel justified in continuing any hostility, but that still doesn’t mean indulging in such will work out well for you, no matter whose fault it really is or is not. Continued screaming and/or passive aggressive behavior will negatively impact your life, no matter who started it or why. If the situation is minor, resolve it by taking the high road by trying to be a good roommate. If the situation is major, resolve to find another roommate (in our roommate forum, maybe?) and get the hell out. But either way, resolve it, and do it soon. Don’t be the next storyline on Cops or Springer!

How Dare My Roommate . . . ???? – If you’re angry with your roommate, verbalize why in as civil a fashion as you can manage, or just get over it, and quickly. There’s no other option . . . not an intelligent one anyway. This doesn’t mean be mean, it means don’t be a doormat. If you simmer yourself into a bitter emotional stew without communicating anything constructive, you have only yourself to blame. Similarly, if you suspect your roommate is angry about something, ask them about it as politely as possible. But if they refuse to tell you and you really have no idea, refuse to feel guilty about it.

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Tips on Packing Moving Boxes

Moving & Packing Tips!

Along with useful tips on finding a roommate, you also must consider finding resources on tips about the actual moving endeavor. And one of those is packing your moving boxes!

When moving in or out of a brand new apartment or home, these concepts ought to make a potentially unpleasant activity much more pleasant. It’s going to also save time if you are organized.

When packing the moving boxes, remember to put the heavier items on the bottom. If there’s a preponderance of heavy items, little moving boxes that will hold the item(s) function greater than larger moving boxes. All boxes should be sturdy and robust, even when they’ve to be bought.
Pack the seldom-used items very first and put them towards the side. Now all concentration may be on the frequently utilised items. Hopefully, newspapers for cushioning items were collected for a time prior to the move. Give the moving boxes a shake before sealing them, to make sure everything is secure inside. Have a particular box for glass items and put tape across the glass to maintain it from shattering should a jolt be encountered.

The very first thing to do is always to get the mandatory items, boxes for moving, moving supplies and packing supplies. The quantity of supplies plus the size of the moving boxes will depend upon the “worldly possessions” that should be transported. Do not skimp on supplies and be caught carrying possessions inside your hands simply because you wanted to save several dollars on the moving supplies and packing supplies. Have a checklist of what’s going and ensure it really is accurate. The moving boxes should be filled to forestall crushing, and packing paper or newspaper (a substantial amount) really should be at the really top at the same time, to stay away from damaging the goods when the moving boxes are cut open. Special moving boxes will likely be required for clothing to maintain them in great condition, in case they’ve to worn inside the future. The moving boxes for the clothing are known as “wardrobe boxes” which moving companies sell or rent. Dishes go into a “dish barrel” boxes for moving for the apparent cause.

Be particular that all moving boxes are marked accurately as to what room they belong in. Color code boxes according to your own formula for comfort. For instance, the words kitchen supplies must be clearly marked on the moving boxes that have kitchen utensils or given a special color. It’ll save a good deal of time later, carrying the moving boxes to the appropriate portion of the dwelling. Moving boxes need to not contain any documents and irreplaceable papers. Put them in one thing convenient and keep them with you at all instances. Comparable to this concept is the fact that if you can find items which are not needed, give them to charity. It’s going to save funds, time and effort, and someone may possibly benefit from the donation.

When filling the moving boxes have staging locations that are well organized. Individuals can get injured if moving boxes are haphazardly placed about the room. Besides, it’s going to be confusing if there is certainly no system. 1 thing that should be apparent is make certain the items are clean and dusted just before placing them into the moving boxes. This will cut down on time needed to carry out this tedious chore later.

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Important Roommate Security Strategies

Roommate Security Strategies Are a Must!

Hey peeps!
In case your wondering what roommate security strategies are and why you should be interested in them…

Well let’s put it this way, there are several factors that may determine how appealing your rental property or room may be to a prospective renter. For instance, don’t you think your prospect would feel much more comfortable knowing that they were moving in to a place that had a security system installed? I know I would!

I have just put up a new page outlining many over looked Important Roommate Security Strategies that may interest you. So whether you are looking to rent your property out or are the one moving in… take a minuet and go visit Roommate Security Strategies, it may give you some great tips.

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Roommates Wanted Classifieds

Roommates Wanted and Searching Classifieds

We just put up a new roommate help site and the front page is filled full of interesting facts and ideas on how to go about finding a roommate or a room to rent.

If you want to try a more hassle free approach in finding the right roommate, instead of attempting the daunting task of searching the roommates wanted classifieds, then you will want to go with a roommate search provider service.

Take the guess work out of, weeding out undesirable prospects. These roommate finding services also give you the opportunity to interview many people with the click of a mouse, which of course saves you a whole lot of time!

There are also usually photos included with the profiles so that your actually able to view the person your interviewing. All of these features combined, help give you a better overall picture of your new roomie hopeful!

As you can imagine, when roommates wanted are on your agenda, it’s extremely important that you and your potential roommate are morally on the same page and share, at least, some of the same interest. Remember, you want to try to avoid as many conflicts as possible down the road because it’s much more difficult to get out of a situation later on, then to prevent one from the beginning.

See you there!

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