Great Find a Roommate Tips!

Many people opt to find a roommate to share their flat/apartment or house for various reasons like moving to a new city and having to leave the family behind (typically when going on transfers), seeking a new employment, students who enter college or a university and would like to rent out a flat/house instead of choosing to stay in the dorm, or strictly for the financial advantages and so on. Whatever the reason may be, finding a roommate should be done with care and diligence and these important tips on How To Find A Roommate will be useful to you.


• The first step is to go through the various roommate finding services, ad agencies or notice boards and advertise for a roommate wanted or yourself to possible roommate needed situations by other people looking to bring in a roommate, with specifications about the rent, the type of structure available, the rules and regulations that you or the lessor require, etc.

• Short list the candidates eligible for being potential roommates. • Once this is done, either email or call up that person and fix an appointment or meeting place, for this can give you an initial idea about the person from the way they converse with you. • Then, arrange for a meeting with them in person. • Agree to meet them at a public place like a coffee shop or a restaurant as it is always the safest option.

• Fix a time limit of about half an hour or so and then say your goodbyes so that the person knows your time is valuable and will be to the point and professional. • Ask some basic details about him or her and also seek proof of identity like a driving license. • Show your ID first and then wait for him or her to take the cue from you. • If they don’t, you know they are not the right one!

• Arrange for a friend of yours to call you up during the meeting to make sure that everything is fine with you since you have agreed to meet a perfect stranger and anything can happen. This is very important for your own personal safety. • Never commit yourself at the first meeting. • Leave things open for a while, and ponder over the meeting, what you felt about that person, the plus and minus etc and then make a decision.

• Do your research well by asking friends or neighbours before deciding. • Take your time about it and make this very clear to that other person. • Take notes about that person because you most probably would have to meet two or more people for choosing the right roommate and in the process, may lose track of some vital points about each individual, so it is always better to keep a written record of each person’s observations (as perceived by you) for future reference. • Choose to speak to more than 3 or 4 people before deciding. • Ask your questions freely without any hesitations. • Do not pay any money or have any type of financial dealing with that person before signing a contract. • Most important tip of all, never give out your social security number or other sensitive details about yourself to a perfect stranger without knowing their authenticity. It can prove to be very dangerous as there are fraudsters out there who can wipe you of all your money in one shot with such information!

• Enquire about their job or earning means. Knowing where they work and what is their earning potential can help in many ways. • If you have pets, then you need to double check with your candidates. Make it very clear that you have a pet and whether they can put up with that and in turn, check out whether they love pets or not. • If it is a negative, then you may find it difficult to share a room or flat with them. They can be helpful in taking care of your pets when you are not available and this is precisely why you need to be careful while choosing a roommate. It also is advisable to run a background check on your potential roommate!

• Draw up a roommates contract agreement stating their share of the rent, the expenses pertaining to the flat maintenance, the dos and don’t of the agreement, regularity of payments etc. for comfortable living.

• Companionship is a major factor in sharing a flat and you should check out for warning signals while at the time of meeting them. Being alert and cautious can definitely give you an idea of whether you can be compatible with that person.

• Make sure that they should be willing to pool in their share of money as well as willing to share the household chores without cribbing.

• It may be cooking, washing the vessels or cleaning the apartment, but be very clear and concise in this point to avoid any misunderstandings in future. Keep the above in mind and good luck with your How to Find a Roommate project!

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