Being a Good Roommate is Essential

After spending a great deal of time shuffling through roommates wanted ads, perhaps in Craigslist or another ad posting utility, using a roommate search provider or one of the many other vehicles to find roommates needed so desperately, found the so called perfect roommate and have signed an agreement, there is still one very important aspect that will help avoid interpersonal conflict, determine a good roommate and the success of your new relationship. Can anybody guess what that is? YOURSELF! Yes you read that correctly.

Most problematic situations occur when people blame each other instead of themselves. I’m not saying that you should always let someone else’s opinion or argument prevail, yet to help things run smoothly it is a good idea to look at what You can do differently to help things along as well as your newly found roommate. Try to come up with a comfortable resolution and each of you should admit to perhaps being part of the problem.

Some of the more obvious points in getting along are usually the ones that create conflict. The #1 rule in Any relationship, even marriage, is Clean Up After Yourself, Nobody likes playing maid to another person. And if you insist on treating your own room as a dumping ground then at least have the courtesy to shut your door as to not expose your roommate to it.

The next cardinal rule and one that ranks among the highest of importance is Privacy! Being one of the most overlooked acts of a relationship, simply because people just don’t realize that they’re being snoopy or obtrusive, but certainly one that can cause the demise of any cozy little flatshare situation. Respect other peoples privacy, especially the ones you live with! A point should be made here that coincides with the privacy issue, and that is Consideration. Again being an obvious point, many people also overlook this one.

For example, it’s probably not a great idea to have the stereo volume at 8-10 when your roommate gets home from a hard days work, or worse yet being in the midst of throwing an unexpected party for one of your friends. Then of course there’s the bathroom issues, ones that kind of go without saying, like don’t use all the hot water or leave toothpaste plastered all over the sink and use your own damn shampoo & conditioner! etc….

Last but not least, well for now anyway, let’s entertain the assumption that you have a man & woman (roommate) scenario and that you happen to reside in one of the snowy States. Ok, the man goes out and shovels the driveway (being the more masculine of the two) so in turn the woman could offer to throw salt on the driveway and sidewalk, providing it doesn’t mess up her nails! Just kidding. ;)… Perhaps your roommate cleans the bathroom, then you can offer to clean the kitchen or do the cooking. See how easy that is? Sharing the household duties is a Must for maintaining any type of live-in relationship and most of all, in this case, being a good roommate!

Team Compass

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